T. G. Sheppard

Crystal-GayleThe Dan Emmett Music & Arts Festival is pleased to announce that TG Sheppard will open for the headliner at the Dan Emmett Music & Arts Festival on Saturday evening, August 15th. He will take the stage on Saturday, August 15th at 6:30 pm.

T.G. SHEPPARD has always had a knack of being ‘at the right place at the right time’ in Country Music. He was the singular artist who put a massive amount of gold in the teeth of the country music industry’s biggest ‘sales bite’ in history—during the ‘Golden Era’ of the late ‘70’s and early ‘80’s as the success of ‘Urban Cowboy’ helped usher in a new wave of country. T.G. opened the ‘80’s with a remarkable run of a dozen #1’s hits that would forever secure his place in industry history. He brought romance—and yes, sex appeal—to country music at a time when young men in hats were first saddling up to monopolize the range on the nation’s airwaves.

As witnessed by his soon to be released debut CD project with his new Nashville label alliance—Destiny Row—T.G. Sheppard is once again ‘right on time. Things are again about to get a littler hotter on record and in concert for the massive flock of fans who have faithfully followed the good Sheppard through the years and the rolling green pastures of gold records.

Then, as now, T.G. had a certain class and style that set him apart from the competition. The illusive “star quality” that graces only the rarest of careers fell on his career from the earliest days. It led him to become not only a major recording artist, but a consummate entertainer—one whose stage show is as ‘at home’ in a showroom in Las Vegas, or a concert hall in London, as it is on tour in the heart of Texas. His presence in country music did more than produce a string of enviable hits: T.G.’s stylized sound helped produce an era when great country songs and innovative production values with a hint of pop sensibilities added to the mix moved country music forever forward to a wider audience of listeners.

Proof of the ‘good timing’ of T.G.’s latest musical venture is his choice of material at a time when radio and listeners are in the mood for the kind of distinctive magic T.G. Sheppard consistently brings to his music. The new CD for Destiny Row T.G. terms a “labor of love” as he has painstaking researched classic songs that bespeak a time when romance was a main ingredient in lyrics and music. Timeless gems such as “I Left My Heart In San Francisco,” “When I Fall In Love,” “What A Wonderful World,” and “All The Way,” haven’t really been sung until T.G. puts his premium blend of smooth, resonant vocals into the mix.

Born in Humboldt, Tennessee, the young man known as Bill Browder set sail for Memphis at the age of 15 to launch his fledgling career in music in earnest. Using the stage name, Brian Stacy, he released his first record, “High School Days,” which caused enough interest on the pop charts of the mid-60’s to win him spots as an opening artist for some of the biggest names of the day— legendary names such as the Beach Boys, Jan & Dean, and the Animals. Hitting a dry patch with his career as an artist, T.G. re-directed his passion for music to promoting the music of other artists. He established himself as one of the industry’s most successful record promoters—a career path that led him to form a close personal and professional relationship with Elvis Presley while promoting ‘The King’ for RCA. Elvis gave T.G. more than encouragement—he gave him his first tour bus and the encouraging words of a classic Elvis hit: “Follow That Dream!”

However, it wasn’t until 1974 when T.G. was initially signed to Motown Records on their Melodyland label that his career began to seriously heat up. With turn downs from eight labels in eighteen months fueling him forward, T.G.’s recording of the single “Devil In the Bottle” for Motown’s Melodyland label struck a chord of success. After years of belief that the song was a hit for someone, it became his first #1 hit. T.G. followed it with another #1 hit that he co-wrote, “Trying To Beat The Morning Home.”

What followed was a whirlwind. By the time the ink was dry on a major deal with Warner Brother Records, T.G. had been named “Best New Male Artist” by Cashbox. He was riding a tidal wave towards superstardom in country music. He amassed ten consecutive number one records—including songs that are now considered T.G. Sheppard signature songs. “Last Cheater’s Waltz,” “Only One You,” “Party Time,” “Do You Wanna Go To Heaven,” “I Feel Like Loving You Again,” “I Loved ‘Em Every One,” “Finally,” “War Is Hell On The Homefront Too,” and “Faking Love.” “Finally” and “I Loved ‘Em Every One,” introduced T.G. to a massive new world of fans when both made major impact on the Pop Top 40 Charts. “Make My Day,” a duet with Clint Eastwood featured in the movie, “Sudden Impact,” again crossed T.G. over to pop chart recognition.

By the mid ‘80’s T.G. moved to Columbia Records where he worked on studio projects with famed producers such as Bob Montgomery and Rick Hall. Four album projects and more hits followed on a second wave of gold: Number one singles with “Fooled Around And Fell In Love,” “One For The Money,” and “Strong Heart,” helped him remain one of the most in demand artists in country music—both in concert and on record.

Broadening his influence as few artists in the industry have been able to do, T.G. went outside the usual box of the charts and established himself as both a humanitarian and an astute businessman—the latter with ventures such as his highly successful namesake state-of-the-art theater in the Smokies of East Tennessee where he regularly performed to packed audiences throughout the mid ‘90’s. In a corporate alliance with Folger’s, T.G. served as national spokesperson for the Folger’s NASCAR racing team for eight seasons, performing for six year’s on the popular “Folger’s Wakin’ Up Country Tour” which headlined across America.

But hits can’t replace ‘heart’—and in that area T.G. Sheppard is a man most blessed in sharing his good fortune with others. Throughout the course of his career T.G. has consistently worked for good causes close to his heart: Childhelp USA, St. Jude Children’s Hospital, the United Way, Cerebral Palsy, and the Alzheimer’s Association, among other organizations have all been made richer for the success of one man and his dream to make music.

At a point in his career when most artists are resting on their past accomplishments, for T.G. yet another dream is about to become a reality. With the release of his upcoming album, T.G. Sheppard is once again poised to count a vast new flock of music fans among his followers.

Reserved Seating Available

Reserved seating for the T. G. Sheppard and Crystal Gayle performances are available. The Friend of the Festival reserved area is preferred, up close seating, available on a first come first serve basis. The cost will be $20 per seat per performance or $30 per seat for both performances. Friend of the Festival Tickets will be available starting April 15th here on the Festival website, or by calling (740) 392-3378 or Toll Free at 1-800-837-5282. Advanced purchase is recommended to guarantee seating. Advanced reservations require prepayment. Space for bring-your-own-chair seating is available behind the reserved seating at no charge.

If you have special seating requirements such as wheelchair accessible, please make a note of that in the box provided during checkout. (Tickets are non-refundalbe.) Please note the shipping option will be a digital confirmation. Please stop by the white tent to the left of the stage to pickup your tickets on Saturday, August 15 from 5:30 p.m. – 9:15 p.m.